Your Visa or MasterCard processor can cancel your service or significantly increase your fees if you don't meet PCI security requirements. This is true even if your payment page just redirects payment information to them or if your credit card processing is built into your tills.

By making small changes to your network and systems, you can meet those requirements -- and be confident that you are less likely to lose your ability to receive payments, suffer crippling credit card discount rate increases.

ThreeShield has certified PCI Professionals on staff and has experience reducing PCI scope (and related costs), helping clients to prepare their Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs), and preparing for external reviews.

We use our proprietary secure system to track your PCI compliance documentation and evidence. This saves you time and money during the assessment and remediation process as well as during external audits.

Although we offer stand-alone verification and remediation services, many clients opt for ongoing security management to ensure that they maintain PCI compliance and are able to continually work to reduce their compliance burden.

PCI Options

PCI Compliance & SAQ

We help you prepare your documentation and review your settings for your Self Assessment Questionnaire and/or make sure that everything is in order before your external audits to keep your costs down. Click here for a free SAQ pre-assessment.

Requirement Monitoring

New PCI guidance and requirements catch many merchants off-guard. For example, did you know that a change in 2017 meant that most multi-factor authentication systems that merchants use are no longer PCI compliant?
We keep you informed with the inside scoop to avoid any surprises.

Instant Network Compliance

If your credit card terminal is plugged into your network, your whole network needs to be PCI-compliant -- and it likely isn't. One small box with our proprietary configuration that wel call a Lavawall™ can reduce your PCI requirements and bring you near-instant network compliance.*

*Covers MFA, patching, password, segmentation, filtering, NAT, stateful inspection, and encrypted access requirements. Other requirements, such as policies, training, vulnerability testing, SAQ, etc. may still be required. However, they will be a lot easier to implement.


Our training options help you to meet PCI requirements, keep your company secure, and save you time.

Want instant PCI compliance?



ThreeShield Information Security has provided customized IT security tools and consulting to organizations of all sizes, including the following:
1-Page  •   Carrier Corporation  •   Computer Sciences Corporation  •   Deloitte  •   Ernst & Young  •   First Gulf Bank  •   Government of Alberta  •   Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation  •   Hurricane Computer Solutions  •   International Aero Engines  •   KPMG  •   Linden Research (Linden Lab)  •   NASA  •   Note-able Music  •   NORESCO  •   Otis Elevator Company  •   Plateau Systems  •   Pratt & Whitney  •   Red Link SA (Argentina)  •   Segurança da Informação e Conformidade  •   Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation  •   Tilia Inc  •   TOOT'n TOTUM  •   Towers Watson  •   United Technologies Corporation  •   Universidade de São Paulo  •   UTC Power  •   Whitecap Resources Inc