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Your dental practice management software is the heart of your practice. From x-rays to appointments, we protect your practice from ransomware, hackers, and server failures, and Internet outages that could prevent you from treating patients and receiving payments.

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Recommended Package

Server Failover Appliance

Instantly replace a server that broke due to hardware failure, ransomware, or other causes.

If you don't have any servers or other systems that require an immediate failover, you may not need a failover appliance


All assessments are customized to your needs.

We review all of your networks, computers, policies, and processes to find and fix problems before hackers and viruses compromise your practice.
Verify compliance with AHS requirements and guidelines for dental clinics.

Fast Fixes

After years of seeing the same problems, we've automated most security fixes to save you money.

Always-on Cellular Internet Service Backup

Stay online and secure with:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE Internet failover with no additional contract or overage charges
  • Integrated firewall with intrusion detection and prevention
  • High performance edge router with 1.7Gbps of throughput (firewall only, 661Mbpz with IPS, 730Mbpx Internet mix)
  • Client and site-to-site VPN
  • NAT, stateful packet inspection, port forwarding, DMZ
  • Protocol analysis, port scanning, signature-based rules, web filtering, whitelisting, ad blocking
  • QoS traffic shaping
  • 6 built-in 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, 2 dedicated WAN ports, 4 configurable VLAN ports
  • 3x3 MIMI AC Type 2.4/5GHz WiFi




ThreeShield Information Security has provided customized IT security tools and consulting to organizations of all sizes, including the following:
1-Page  •   Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network  •   Carrier Corporation  •   Collins Barrow Calgary LLP  •   Computer Sciences Corporation  •   Deloitte  •   Ernst & Young  •   Escape Ops  •   First Gulf Bank  •   Government of Alberta  •   Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation  •   Hurricane Computer Solutions  •   International Aero Engines  •   KPMG  •   Linden Research (Linden Lab)  •   NASA  •   NORESCO  •   Otis Elevator Company  •   Plateau Systems  •   Pratt & Whitney  •   Red Link SA (Argentina)  •   Segurança da Informação e Conformidade  •   Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation  •   Tilia Inc  •   TOOT'n TOTUM  •   Towers Watson  •   United Technologies Corporation  •   Universidade de São Paulo  •   UTC Power  •   Whitecap Resources Inc