Phishing with Ad Links

22 April 2021 · Phishing

Recent Phishing Evolution

A few months ago, we saw a spike in the bad guys using encrypted email services to send viruses and phishing emails. This followed attacks that used file sharing tools. Now, we're seeing advertising platforms like Goole Ads and Google's Doubleclick.

These services are great for the bad guys: not only does it provide "trusted" delivery, but also gives the bad guys marketing data to improve their approach.


Microsoft Edge has been blocking these sorts of phishing sites better than Chrome and Firefox lately. Edge also has the benefit of synchronizing with your Microsoft 365 accounts.

Blocking ads with your firewall or antivirus can have some unintended consequences, like triggering paywalls, etc, so that heavy hammer has to be used with some caution. However, it may be something that you should consider for the most vulnerable users until Google and other ad companies catch up with Microsoft's phishing intelligence.