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Our training philosophy is guided by three principles:
Employees have better things to do than to spend their day watching training videos. We keep training compact, engaging, and game-like when possible. We also strive to keep training fresh so you don't need to bore people with the same class year after year. Full courses are often 20 minutes; micro courses are only 5 minutes long!

Most successful "cyber" attacks over the past few years have had a significant "social engineering" component. In addition to required compliance topics, we focus on phishing and techniques to support your efforts to keep employees from falling victim to social engineering. This includes Outlook, Gmail, and other email plugins to encourage employees to report phishing attacks.

Compliance is necessary and often dictates training requirements. However, this doesn't mean that employees need to endure long compliance sessions. Our PCI, OWASP, NERC, and government training is very targeted and as short as possible. This includes short documentation review and quiz options for developers who have taken development security training before.




Our phishing training includes email system plugins to automate internal reporting and reduce risk, SMS text messages, phone and voicemail, simulated malicious USB drives, Office attachments with macros, spear phishing, detailed reports, and context-based training to help your employees identify red flags. We include over 1,000 customizable templates that cover real-world examples, including Google, Office365, LastPass.

We're so confident in our training that it's backed by a crypto-ransom guarantee.

Computer-based training

Our web-based training courses include modern gaming techniques, 5-minute micro courses to get to the point, cover compliance requirements, and keep security awareness strong throughout the year, simulations, and posters.
We also have big-bang courses if you need to meet compliance needs right away.

Course topics cover software development, PII, PCI and other compliance requirements, executives, and hundreds of other topics.

On-Site Training

All consulting engagements include the option of one-on-one training with your system administrators to understand security vulnerabilities. In cases where computer-based training is not appropriate or available, we are happy to provide on-site training presentations.

Children, Parents, & Seniors

ThreeShield supports the Safe and Secure Online® training program. As part of our environmental and social impact program, our Certified Information Systems Security Professionals provide training to schools and other community organizations free of charge.

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ThreeShield Information Security has provided customized IT security tools and consulting to organizations of all sizes, including the following:
1-Page  •   Carrier Corporation  •   Computer Sciences Corporation  •   Deloitte  •   Ernst & Young  •   First Gulf Bank  •   Government of Alberta  •   Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation  •   Hurricane Computer Solutions  •   International Aero Engines  •   KPMG  •   Linden Research (Linden Lab)  •   NASA  •   Note-able Music  •   NORESCO  •   Otis Elevator Company  •   Plateau Systems  •   Pratt & Whitney  •   Red Link SA (Argentina)  •   Segurança da Informação e Conformidade  •   Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation  •   Tilia Inc  •   TOOT'n TOTUM  •   Towers Watson  •   United Technologies Corporation  •   Universidade de São Paulo  •   UTC Power  •   Whitecap Resources Inc